Choosing Wisely

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” –Ansel Adams

The study of photography is more than just knowing how to use fancy equipment. One of my favorite quotes by an unknown author says it best, “Buying the best Nikon in the world doesn’t make you a photographer, it makes you a Nikon owner.”

Who this page is for:

This page is for those of you who are in a battle to convince others to hire a professional photographer for your wedding, but are running short on ammo. It is also for those of you who are on the fence between deciding to hire a Pro to take your wedding pictures or just letting “Uncle Rick with the nice camera” do it.

First, lets face it… YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! Trust me. On your Wedding Day, try as you will, you are not going to be able to take in and remember every beautiful detail. Sound absurd? I thought so too, until it happened to me.

Speaking as a Groom, I can tell you that if I did not have my wedding pictures, I would have very few details of the day in my mind. All I would know is that a ton of people went to a lot of trouble and expense to put on a wedding, and another ton went to more expense and trouble to come to the wedding. It is the pictures that make me remember.

How to ensure you have memories from your “big day”!

In today’s world, countless people own “nice” cameras. Some of those people are likely your friends and relatives, and they probably take nice pictures.

Warning: DO NOT let them take your Wedding Day pictures! Unless your friend, uncle/aunt, etc. is an experienced wedding photographer, they will be unprepared for the challenges of the day.

They don’t call it “The Big Day” for nothing. There are a million things happening, and you should be enjoying the moments, not worrying for one second about what your photographer is doing!

The mark of a great photographer is his ability to take great images WHILE placing the entire party at ease. He captures images that show everyone at their best even on what may be a long and busy day, when many people are, shall we say… distracted?

Your photographer must be able to invisibly move throughout the day capturing priceless moments, and at the same time be a person who is able to come forward and quickly orchestrate memorable and fun portraits.

I cannot possibly tell you all of the horror stories I have heard… The bad experiences people tell me about amateur wedding photographers range from how a friend deleted images, to how a volunteer photographer ran out of memory space and missed a key moment that could not be redone. Almost as traumatic are the stories of dead batteries, blurry images, and long, drawn out, painful portrait sessions and awkward poses.

All of that and more can be avoided by hiring an experienced professional who knows exactly what it takes to prepare and do a stunning job, while keeping everyone happy and looking their best.

I say all that to say this… Hire a professional whose work you love! Let your aunts, uncles, and friends enjoy the day so you can enjoy your memories forever! A photographer is only a small part of the cost of a wedding, BUT it is the photographer who will make it possible for you to relive your special day later and keep the details in sharp focus.

For myself, I know now that I was “happily out of it” on my Wedding Day. Without the pictures, I would remember a few blurry facts and the kiss… that’s it! I count the dollars spent on a professional photographer as some of the best ever spent. I will be eternally grateful for my pictures that only a professional could have done.