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A little about us:

Daniel (Written by Patty): As our lead photographer at every wedding, Daniel loves each unique and creative challenge that makes up a wedding day. Daniel has worked in the wedding industry since he was a teenager, first as a musician, then a photographer. He knows how to read every part of your big day and make it the best it can be.

Daniel’s favorite activities growing up were reading history and historical fiction, playing wedding and chamber music, directing youth orchestras, and becoming an Eagle Scout. It is no wonder Daniel says he is rather fond of solving problems, planning, and managing large groups on exciting days!

Patty (Written by Daniel): After marrying me in 2011, (!!!) Patty put both her degree in business management and her minor in art to the test by diving into making Prislovsky Photography the best it can be. Patty loves weddings to a fault and thrives when making people happy, comfortable, and relaxed. Her stellar photojournalism skills and eye for details make her more than a perfect second shooter.

Our Story: Daniel grew up in the Texas Hill Country and spent a lot of time in Austin, San Antonio, and everywhere in-between for his music and wedding activities. I (Patty) grew up in Lima, Peru (South America)! Daniel and I met at college in Pensacola, Florida on Daniel’s first day his freshman year. I, being the practical one, had decided to not date until my junior year so I could focus on school. Daniel spent the next two years being my friend while not so subtly trying to get me to date. After a merry chase, as he would say, and a whirlwind romance we got married! After another fairytale year together in Florida, we moved back to Texas. Our journey to build a small business out of what we love most (people and art) has been both exciting and challenging. We wouldn’t change any of it for the world and feel blessed beyond words that we are able to work together while giving our wonderful clients treasures that will last a lifetime.

All the rest: Our whole family loves taking pictures! Prislovsky Photography is truly a family affair. Daniel’s sister, Esther, is also a talented photographer and artist who works and shoots with us. Our not-so-little bundles of joy, Andrew and Alyssa, keep us motivated, awake, and up to date with our cardio!


A little more about Daniel:

Daniel graduated with distinction from Pensacola Christian College in 2012 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. While in college, Daniel won First Place in both the “Black & White” and “Color Photography” categories for three consecutive years in the College-wide, annual competitions. Daniel was selected as one of the country’s most outstanding campus leaders. His name appears in Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Daniel specializes in wedding and event photography. He has photographed weddings indoors and out, at small churches and also at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, one of the largest churches in Texas. He has been the photographer for conventions and seminars at venues such as the Henry B. González Convention Center and the Lila Cockrell Theatre in downtown San Antonio. Daniel loves destination photography and has worked at venues throughout the United States, Canada, and South America. He has taken portraits on Capitol Hill, at the Gettysburg National Battlefield, in the mountains of Peru, and in his own backyard.

In 2008 Daniel founded Prislovsky Photography, a San Antonio based destination wedding photography company serving San Antonio, Austin, and Houston, Texas. Daniel also loves shooting in his home town area, the Texas Hill Country, including Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Boerne, and the beautiful camp region of Hunt, Texas. Daniel enjoys being on the road (or air) with Prislovsky Photography, and also serves Canada, Mexico, or just about any other location you are dreaming of for your wedding.

Daniel has also worked as a Graphic Designer, and his designs and images appear on the covers of numerous books and publications.

Daniel and Patty currently live in San Antonio, Texas with their children, Andrew and Alyssa. The whole family loves to travel and take pictures!